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Profit Search is now in its twenty-fourth year providing recovery audit services to larger companies in the New England area. We are a private company owned and operated by Douglas Costello, CA MBA CAPP and located in Ashland, Massachusetts.
Message from the President
If you are evaluating a recovery audit project, we want you to know that we understand and share your concerns about hiring outsiders.
  • It's hard to admit that mistakes will happen, even if they are only a small percentage of the total company spend
  • It's a matter of trust to expose confidential internal matters to outsiders
  • We understand you need assurances that we that we are capable and will perform the services in a competent and professional manner
We have served the needs of many larger companies just like yours. Most of our customers have concerns just like you do, and we work hard to develop a relationship with them that is built on trust and confidence. We strive on a daily basis to operate on their terms and to demonstrate that we have their best interest at stake at all times.

Our auditors are handpicked and are seasoned professionals with extensive financial management background (know-how). This is important because the quality of the audit work is directly dependent on the quality of the auditor doing the work. Our compensation structure with the audit staff is the most generous in the industry. We split the project proceeds with them 50/50. This ensures they are motivated to keep searching until they have looked everywhere.

The audit methods we use are designed to discover discrepancies that can be reclaimed with minimal disruption and without creating animosity with vendors. Our process is designed to fit in with your needs and requirements and to be low stress on you and your staff.

The word "audit" may conjure up a negative image and a cause for worry. Nothing could be further from the truth about us. We're not bothersome like the financial audit firms and we're not out to pick your pocket like government auditors. We work in the background, evaluating invoice transactions, looking out for your best interest.

Successful recovery audits are achieved by proper planning, conscientious auditing and persistence. Our assets are the intellectual know-how of the audit staff and the application of those talents to the circumstances of the client environment. We are dedicated to serving your needs and providing incremental value wherever possible.

Always remember that with Profit Search, you are an important client, not just another client.

We come to audit the invoices.

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